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At the moment like never became actual old adage that all human beings are divided into two categories: tieir either debtors or creditors. Our unusual during the debt collection processes are activated: banks and other credit institutions on the understanding of human weaknesses legal knowledge and thus also a certain helplessness, trying to extract the maximum benefit for themselves, raising interest rates by shortening the duration of insisting on additional safeguards for early repayment of loans; in turn, creditors also have problems with debt collection efficiency.

Our legal practice, we have been correctly and successfully passed a number of debt collection processes. During the operation, we have studied both the debtor and the creditor general behavioral psychology. Going through the judicial process and execution stages, we are confident that: ending things with composition, the benefits derived by both parties.

Despite the fact on which side you are now, we have lawyers and economists qualified support on the issue of debt recovery.

Given that our company has an excellent reputation, we want to offer the cooperation of all stakeholders.


if you are a debtor:

that does not spread malicious debtors including turn to us for help, without waiting kamērparāds will start to grow and will be calculated in the penalty. We will explain your rights and responsibilities, help to challenge the conditions of the contract at issue protection of the consumer in the center, will take the discussion with your creditors, by mutual agreement;

If you are a creditor:

and you have to deal with debt collection, but you do not know where to begin and how to organize the process of how to properly behave in relations with creditors, or you lack the time - Entrust the debt recovery process professional.

Let's search for the right solutions together!