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One can receive additional information on the following pages of Internet:

Juridical Information

Latvian legislation - www.likumi.lv

Latvian courts - www.tiesas.lv

Information of the Register of Enterprises - www.ur.gov.lv

Information about Latvian enterprises - www.lursoft.lv

Information about European funds - www.esfondi.lv

Latvian legislation (LV) - www.legal.lv

Agency on the Latvian enterprises insolvency   - www.mna.gov.lv

Tax and Financial Information

Tax service of the Republic of Latvia (LV, EN, RU) - www.vid.gov.lv

Ministry of Finance (LV, EN) - www.fm.gov.lv

Ministry of Economics (LV, EN, FR) - www.em.gov.lv

Tax and financial information (LV, RU) - www.vgk.lv

Tax and financial information (LV) - www.vid.lv

Tax and financial information (RU) - www.taxhelp.lv

Bank of Latvia (LV, EN) - www.bank.lv

Other Information

Reference information about Latvia (LV, EN, RU) - www.118.lv

Reference information about Latvia (LV, EN, RU) - www.zl.lv